Queen Terunesh Ethiopian Dress


This unique dresss is made in Ethiopia around 1860 it was given to Queen Terunesh as part of her wedding dowry when she married Emperor Tewodros, aged about 12 years old. The dress as been extended with additional panels at the bottom, perhaps to allow the queen to continue waring it as she grew older and taller. The series of embroidered bands around the neck hang down the front of the chest, there are lots of details to admire, particularly the beautiful silk embroidery on the cotton that loops down the torso like a giant neck-lace. It may have been a luxurious garment when she got it. Over the years though, as Tirunesh waited neglected at the top of her mountain fortress, it got more than its fair share of regular use, down to the stains and marks of wear and earth and the ragged hem. Tirunesh was very much an empress who had to walk on the ground.

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  • Material: Handmade Fetel embordered by hand
  • Includes: Netla/Shawl and Mekent
  • Processing time: 2-3 weeks
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash dry cleaning
  • Contact: info@ethiopianculturalshop.com WhatsApp, Telegram, Imo, and Viber +251946318457 / +251961040511

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